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Night shooting demonstration at King’s Beach 
Article by Cpl Tebogo Kekana, Ad Astra Magazine, Photos by 5ASU

18 February 2016 saw the SANDF elements, namely: the SA Army, SA Air Force and the SA Navy demonstrating their capabilities at a night shooting event.  A throng of locals shouted with delight as aircraft fired anti-missile flares over Kings Beach. The Rooivalk in particular, not only did it deploy its flares, it also did live firing from its guns towards the ocean, which had people clapping and shuffling each other for selfie moments.The mortars fired illuminated rounds over the ships at a distance of about 4km away, which left the audience gasping with excitement waiting for what was going to happen next. Once the flares ignited the sky, the other weapons engaged with the flares.

Its was a moment of show off for the Artilley Masters.

“The night couldn’t be summarised into words, this is the best thing I have seen in my entire life. I was worried about how safe my parents and I were going to be, so I persuaded them to stand at the back, I soon realized that we were safe and I found myself lost in the moment, I just moved nearer and nearer to the action. This was just spectacular,” said Rowan Dawis.

Selfie moments was were the order of the day for illumination shells.

The beach site quickly became a camping side as each person moved around searching for a good spot to witness all that the Defence Force was showcasing. The night shooting ended with a rush of adrenaline, as the 155mm G5 Artillery gun also fired a few illumination shells. That was the beginning of the multitudes flocking to the nearby restaurants to unwind and maybe discuss what they enjoyed the most of the loud bangs from the weapons and cannons, as well as the aircraft.

The blaze set the tone for the screams that came through from the spectators

One spectator wearing a Siyandiza cap rushed to toast with her friends and said: “I was watching from my flat’s window, but I just had to come down to join in the history that our Metro was busy creating, the noise in the streets, the vibe, I just had to be part of the good memories we share with the military, my name is Joy by the way!”

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