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AFB Durban Welcomes Spring Day
Amn Nobuhle Mpanza; photos by Fsgt Sipho Myeza

“Hello Spring!” warm greetings to the new season, a season of bright colours, fresh buds and a time when earth comes alive. Spring Day is celebrated annually on the 1st September. It is a season believed to bring new beginnings just like a flower blooming with rainbow colours.

Air Force Base Durban members planting the Loxostylis Alata tree

Air Force Base Durban welcomed the new season with the motto “spring is nature’s way of saying lets have fun”. The aim of the day was to let loose, celebrate nature and have fun.

Mini netball game

Arbor Day falls on the same day as Spring Day, base members planted indigenous plants during the day, and they were: Loxostylis Alata and Olea Africana. During the planting, members were given a presentation on preserving nature.

Taebo session conducted by Sgt Scheepers

On the day, members participated in a variety of activities, namely: taebo, mini soccer and netball, skop die bal, skipping rope and pantyhose jumping, which gave them an adrenaline rush and caused excitement levels to reach its peak.

Pantyhose jumping competition

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