Director Human Resource Services



Brigadier General Hilton Smith



Brig Gen Hilton Smith was born on 21 March 1966 in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape Province.  He completed his primary school education at Adolph Schauder and D.S. Kroneberg Primary Schools and his secondary school education at David Livingstone Senior Secondary School.


He joined the South African Air Force on 04 July 1986 at Air Force Base Port Elizabeth as a personnel clerk and completed all relevant personnel clerk courses.


He then completed his B Mil degree at the Military Academy in 1993, with Public Administration and Industrial Psychology as majors.   He obtained an Honors degree and Masters Degree in Public Administration in 1995 and 1998 respectively at the University of Stellenbosch.


The member completed all relevant Human Resources Officers' courses whilst serving as an HR Officer at Air Force Headquarters and 68 Air School.


He became a member at the  newly appointed  Equal Opportunity Chief  Directorate. After  an extended tour of duty at Chief of Joint Operations as the Personal Staff Officer to CJ Ops, the member also served at Joint Support Division.


During these  postings the  member attended the  Equal Opportunities  Management course at DEOMI, Patrick Air Force Base, Florida (USA) as well as the Post Conflict Reconstruction and Development Course in Turin, Italy.


The member served as Defence Attaché to Malaysia from February 2005 until September 2008 and was also a non-resident Defence Attaché to Indonesia, Brunei and Philippines.


Brig Gen Hilton Smith was appointed as Director Human Resource with effect from 16 October 2008 until 31 December 2012.He was promoted to the rank of Brig Gen on 01 January 2013 and appointed as Director Human Resource Services.


Brig Gen Hilton Smith is married to Mrs. Lena Smith and they have three sons.

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